A technology that does not require hardware

  • High user detection rate
  • Precise location in Indoo areas X+Y+Z (FLOOR) <10m2
  • Speed and reduced cost for a massive number of Indoor/Outdoor points of interest
  • Quick and easy scalability with the CalibrAPP tool
  • Lightweight SDK for easy integration into Android and IOS
  • Big Data CLOUD API for connection to third parties (SALEFORCE, ORACLE…)
  • SAAS that pays according to the growth of your project

What makes us different?


– Focused on agencies

– Requires active GPS

– No indoor position allowed

– Highly variable precision quality


– It does not allow to measure in competition

– High dependence on hardware

– Expensive implementation and maintenance

– Battery consumption in users’ mobile phones


– Speed and cost of mass POI deployment

– Precise location in competitors and “contextual POI

– Indoor and Outdoor SMART POI Location

Success stories