A management platform adapted to the dynamization of the commercial areas


Creation of effective marketing dynamics campaigns with measurement and analysis of results

Loyalty and gambling tools management

Obtaining market research data

Knowledge of customer behaviour inside and outside the commercial space

A marketing platform that evolves by adding new functionalities to make it a management platform

In 2015, when the project began, this platform revolved around the application and development of marketing actions and dynamics for the world of shopping centres.

By 2018, it is already a management platform that facilitates decision-making at all levels in 40 shopping centres and 4 countries.

In 2020, we are adapting and expanding the possibilities for the revitalization of urban commercial areas.

A simple communication interface with the consumer, designed to be the single point of contact between the client and the manager

To be the client’s main source of information on what is happening in their centre

Access to main services and direct contacts

Provides exclusive content and offers that the customer does not have access to in any other medium

It allows you to schedule and participate in different events, commercial dynamics and loyalty services offered by the commercial area

Facilitating consumer participation in surveys or consultations

We have incorporated into the platform the suggestions of managers or integrated investments made previously

LUDOTECAS Management System that allows to completely automate the process of reservation, time and VIP information to parents who have the APP

Digital passport for managing access to events, activities or premises

Access to free WIFI systems

Route dynamics

Gambling, couponing and draws in real time

Loyalty and benefit exchange card

Improving the ways and quality of communication with customers, shops and owners

NPS management and consumer experience consultation

Croud-Mistery shopping: Service and Care Audit

Participation and customer consultation

Management and communication of incidents (cleaning, vandalism)

Monitoring of activity in Channels and RRSS

Digital Signage local network content management

Management of spaces and the commercial mix. Availability and characteristics of empty premises, gaps in activity to be covered in each area or district, opening channels of intermediation between owners and entrepreneurs.

A platform that acts as a content manager by storing the relevant information of the shops and their proposals

Provides digital directories to facilitate the loading and segmentation of content from a single repository

Facilitates connection to digital channels such as the website or RRSS

Creation of draws, design of coupons, forms and queries

E&M-commerce” platform content manager