“I want to know my customer”

Everyone talks about knowing the client, omnicanality…

but at what price?

do i need a super technology? 

You need results now


 “Where do I start?

Analyse your real needs:

Do I have Web, do I have POS, ERP?

Do you have a unique customer file?

What do you know about them? Do you communicate continuously? 

Choose your scenario

Fidelizacion Neuromobile

“And then what?”

Clear objectives:

A loyalty plan

Increase sales

Improve the average ticket

We have the answers

No matter the size. A unique and integrated management platform designed for the retail sector adapted to your needs

CRM, in the cloud. Integrated database management, analysis tool, business intelligence and marketing automation manager.

Communication gateway (email and SMS).

Forms for tablet/mobile. Point of sale solution. Identifies the customer, manages personal data (registrations, modifications) and assigns tickets to customers (barcode reading).

Connection with ERP and POS

Objective to simplify data management

We analyse the company’s channels.

We integrate the channels in our platform.

We joined the On and Off channels. We create a solution

custom-made omnicanal.

We optimise the ability to obtain data at the point of sale

We offer a fast implementation solution

Simple interface for creating, monitoring and evaluating campaigns and promotions

Loyalty-based dynamization


Loyalty card

Stamps for purchase

Discount coupons

Drawings for purchase


Dialogue plan according to activity


Sending mail, SMS or Push

By event: Welcome, Birthdays

By purchasing activity rules

Demographic segmentation

Activation of the lead based on business activity

Powerful communication engine, to send and monitor informative or transactional messages via SMS, email or app, if available

Email Reputation Management

Improved deliverability

Flows linked to purchases

Data-based decision making

Intuitive control panels:

Data quality

Demographic analysis

Analysis by purchase behaviour

Channel Effectiveness

Historical Trends

 CRM API for integration with third-party systems


It is NOT just a PPP. A marketing, communication and loyalty solution

Adapted to your company image

Varied content:





Loyalty card

Content segmented by client type

Stamps for purchase

Discount coupons

Drawings for purchase

Content adapted according to the client’s affinity and time of use

Intelligent content recommendation system

App usage capture by:




In or out of the shop

Capturing in-store behaviour

Attracting competitive behaviour

Increase in interaction above 50% compared to filter-based models

Committed to your results

We have a centralized marketing and support analysis services team

To support the creation, management, communication, dynamisation of local activities and loyalty services aimed at the “customer”.

Collaborate in the design, understanding and visualization of the main indicators of management of the dynamics.

Suggest decision making regarding traffic-affluence, demographic segmentation or consumption preferences.

To provide the necessary information to assess the measurement of investment results, of the effectiveness of promotion and communication campaigns around commercial activities.